Grails: Stories of Our Most Coveted Sneakers

Fall Recap

Winter Pivot


  • Connection: Grails embody fond memories and represent an individual’s connection to particular communities. While they represent a broad form of social acceptance to some participants, most do not convey the meaning of their grails to loved ones or close friends whatsoever.
  • Capturing: Obtaining a grail is likened to acquiring a piece of fine art or a piece of history.
  • Rewinding: Owning a grail revises past disappointment or an unfulfilled desire.
  • Diverging: Grails represent a way to distinguish one’s self, even within the sneaker space. Interestingly, grails often represent an instance where one can contradict their own public persona & style.
  • Achievement: A grail is symbolic of personal achievement & development (outside of sneaker culture).
  • Completion: Obtaining a grail signifies completing one’s personal mythology.


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Designer, UW Master’s Student

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Julian Body

Julian Body

Designer, UW Master’s Student

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